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Lowcountry Herald Magazine is a 501c3 non-profit in Charleston, SC. We work off a “self-help” model, empowering our neighbors living on the street or marginally housed to earn an income based on work and not their criminal, medical, or housing past.

Every month we print a magazine and provide it for distributors at no cost to them. They give it away on the street to the public and accept cash donations, which they keep in full. This turns them into instant entrepreneurs who are empowered to earn money on their own schedule. In most circumstances, the homeless have the best idea of what they need, and providing them a quick and easy way to earn cash helps them meet their needs and improve their situation.

In a rapidly changing media environment, the Lowcountry Herald has decided to now offer advertising packages to promote your service or product over 5 different media venues. Sponsored content will be featured in our monthly newspaper ads, our website, Facebook page, email newsletter, and on our newly donated shower trailer.

As a local community nonprofit we rely on our fellow business owners to show their humanitarian compassion and support our cause. By advertising with us, you help empower our less fortunate neighbors to earn a life of dignity and respect. Thank you for your help!




Ads are due by the 25th of each month to get into next month’s issue.

All advertising packages are for a minimum of three (3) months duration.

Advertisers are billed monthly at the agreement rate.

  • Full Page (W: 7.5 in H: 10.27 in) $68.00

  • Half Page (W: 7.5 in H: 5.01 in) $35.00

  • Quarter Page (W: 4 in H: 5.01 in) $20.00

  • 1/8 Page (W: 4 in H: 2.59 in) $15.00

All sizes include promotion on our Facebook page and website.​ Contact us for an individualized internet media package.

*Artwork available for an additional fee.

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