HSS Bubbles: Delivering a Fresh Start

Many homeless in the Lowcountry lack access to regular showers. This impacts their health, morale, ability to interact with society, and ability to get jobs. A solution that is within our power is to outfit a vehicle with a functioning showers and toilet and make it available for use at various locations in the community, providing shower services at no or low cost to the user.

In November 2018, we purchased a used Winnebago that had a shower and toilet. Recognizing the lack of free, available showers for the homeless, we decided to fix it up and put it to good use. With the help of generous volunteers, our mobile shower -- christened the HSS Bubbles -- is street-legal and almost fully operational. It is our goal to begin offering showers by early May 2019.

Eventually we hope to purchase a newer, larger trailer or van with multiple shower units, but until then we are determined to do what we can with the available resources to help our neighbors in need.

In order to get the HMS fully functioning and sustainable as a community resource, we need help from volunteers, donors, and community partners. Click the button below to learn how you can become part of the Mobile Shower legacy!


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